Unlike many campaigns that utilize scare-tactics and sobering statistics, SafeAcross is designed to be positive and lighthearted. Its educational content is cartoony, friendly and sharable. The campaign utilizes strategies such as social norming and positive mental association to encourage a change in driver and pedestrian culture.

“Mr. Walker” and the campaign around him have been carefully designed: The neon-yellow color trains people to recognize the similar looking crosswalk signs and to look for pedestrians.  Mr. Walker’s shape is based on the pedestrian traffic signal and crosswalk signs, which helps onlookers tie Mr. Walker and SafeAcross to traffic safety. The heart shape intuitively communicates a caring attitude. All of these attributes work together to achieve what is called “positive mental association”: People who have seen Mr. Walker tend to unconsciously transfer the idea of caring for walkers to all regular crossing signs of that color.

SafeAcross utilizes the five E’s to help communities increase pedestrian safety:

sidewalk decal saying cross responsibly


The education branch of SafeAcross is focused on making the community aware of the growing trend in pedestrian-involved crashes and what can be done by educators, organizations and individuals to make an impact. Print pieces, infographics and videos are available for download and distribution. To increase awareness, the program places messaging elements directly in front of pedestrians and motorists as they are traveling. Sidewalk decals, vehicle magnets and stickers, heart shaped crosswalk signage and the Mr. Walker statue installations all serve as on-street reminders to watch out for each other and stay safe. Traffic Safety education for children is also included.

r r f b traffic signal with arrow sign


SafeAcross provides tips and resources on how to assess compliance and choose engineering solutions to provide quality crosswalks that are adequate for the roadway characteristics.

Written with non-transportation professionals in mind, the toolkit offers community leaders a practical roadmap to improve crosswalk safety, from striping and signing to the different enhancement measures available. This includes educational graphics and PSAs for public outreach.



The SafeAcross program includes regular crosswalk compliance studies that measure the average number of drivers who yield to pedestrians in the crosswalks across a community. Throughout a campaign, this data is used to evaluate progress, effectiveness of engineering improvements and most of all, to increase public awareness through social norming.


crosswalk yield check crosswalk enforcement


SafeAcross host communities also benefit from optional high-visibility crosswalk enforcement operations called “Yield Checks” that work through a partnership with local law enforcement and focus primarily on education and retaining public support.

yellow mister walker statue with orange child statue


Elements of the SafeAcross campaign are designed to find public support, fostering a change in attitude so that yielding at crosswalks is seen as the “cool thing to do.” Further, it encourages the public to speak out about safety concerns and get involved in advocacy through participation in Action Groups and volunteer at events.

Launching a SafeAcross program in your community

The SafeAcross campaign along with its resources is available at no charge to communities wanting to improve pedestrian safety. The SafeAcross toolkit includes files and specifications for the Mr. Walker statues and signs, many educational resources, directions on compliance studies and publications of the results and public engagement tools as part of the core program. A variety of grant funding options are also outlined for communities to help support the launch of SafeAcross programs. Participating communities commit to keeping crosswalks well maintained, work towards crosswalk enhancements where needed and deploy the core program. Additional modules, such as the Crosswalk Enforcement (Yield Checks), special events and school education are optional.

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